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Kentucky food maker expands in U.S. northeast

Victory Hemp Foods, a Kentucky, USA hemp food maker is expanding into the American northeast through the purchase of a former canola and sunflower processing plant in the state of Vermont.

The added facilities will expand production to 8,000 gallons of hemp seed oil each month, Chad Rosen, Victory Hemp’s founder, recently told SevenSaysVt.com. Byproduct after extraction yields 50,000 pounds of hemp protein powder that Victory uses in other products. The company has distribution in major retail chains such as Kroger and Whole Foods Markets in Kentucky. Rosen said Victory hopes to set up distribution of its products in Vermont this year.

Victory, based in Campbellsburg, Kentucky, bought the processing factory from the Full Sun Company, which went out of business last year. The company has hired Chris Bailey, founder and former CEO at Vermont Smoke & Cure, a producer of a line of meat products, to serve as the company’s COO.

Rosen said Victory looks to contract with Vermont hemp farmers, and has plans to buy raw materials from producers in New York and Maine.

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