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U.S. hempcrete retrofit project broke through major barriers

Pamela Bosch, founder of Highland Hemp House (USA) will reflect on her odyssey retrofitting a 1970s era stick frame home with hempcrete during this year’s International Hemp Building Symposium Oct. 16-17 in Brussels.

Bosch stripped away the toxic layers from the walls of her 1970s-era traditional stick-frame Bellingham, Washington home last spring, and through the summer replaced that material with a hempcrete mixture carefully sourced from suppliers and consultants in Europe.

She also convinced local authorities about hemp’s viability and successfully worked her project through local building codes – complex undertakings she’ll share at IHBA.

Other speakers at IHBA

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The IHBA Symposium, which is hosted in a different part of the world each year, is led by veteran hemp builder Steve Allin, the Association’s Director. This year’s host and co-organizer is Wolf Jordan & Co, which is based in Brussels and Kalmthout, Belgium.

Other confirmed speakers for this year’s Symposium are: Monika Brümmer, Cannabric, Spain; Liam Donohoe, Dublin Institute of Technology; USA; Igor Bogdonavic, the Serbian developer of a hemp decorticator; Henry Valles, who worked on the first hemp home at the Community First Village in Austin, Texas, USA; and Matthew Mead, Hempitecture, Washington State, USA.

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