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bioMDplus produces CBD products w/ breakthrough science & high quality standards

BioMDPlus Is Born

As soon as my mother’s trials with CBD began, I came to understand that treating your own conditions with CBD is not as simple as buying just any product with a pretty bottle. The quality of a CBD product depends on a variety of factors such as the seed stock used to grow the hemp, the cultivation practices, the extraction method and more. The hemp plant can also have a variety of different terpene profiles, and some terpenes are more beneficial than others for certain conditions.

Through my research, I concluded that the best way to support my mother’s health would be for me to learn everything I could about the hemp production industry. I began to seek out domestic hemp farmers and grill them about what they were doing to make their products the best they could be.
When I finally found a hemp producer that I could trust with my mother’s health, I came to another realization. The hemp industry was no longer just a major personal interest for me; it had become an all-consuming passion. It occurred to me that there must be thousands – maybe even millions – of people in the world whose lives might be enhanced by CBD, if only they could find the right product.
I formed a relationship with the farm that I had discovered and immediately set about developing the perfect terpene blends to support different aspects of health. After extensive testing and research, I finally had something that I could show the world.

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