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Press Pause Project

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“When life starts spinning wildly out of control Press Pause”
In 2011, a dear friend assembled a wonderfully authentic group of women for a series of evenings to be recognized as the “one little word club”. Each of us were to choose a word- a word to focus on, internalize, reflect upon and be accountable for as we all went about the daily lives we were uniquely drowning in. Whether it was our careers, marriages, children or the need to keep up with our social media image, we were all overwhelmed and in search of something to hold onto.
For one woman, the word was “PAUSE.” It was that word that stood out to this tribe of brave women. We all needed a moment of Pause when life starts to spin wildly out of control.
This is the beautiful beginning and first chapter of The Press Pause Project.

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Colorado, United States, North America
2525 W 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80204