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For How Long Weed Would Stay in The Urine?

Another article on weed, right? What does it say? Argh, man urine? Seriously? Could you not write on any other thing? Well, it is a science, and we have to understand the dynamics of it. Marijuana is the characteristic most federally illicit drug in our country, the United States of America. And the majority of the employers know it already. It can be the reason behind the fact that when the detected drugs in the workplace via urine tests are talked about, cannabis comes on the top. So, it was essential to understand and drill down into this one frequent question: for how long does marijuana or THC stay in human being's urine?

It Depends on The Dose

Marijuana or cannabis can commonly be detected in bodily fluids of an individual from 1 to 30 days after the individual's last usage of the drug. Just like the rest of the drugs, marijuana is also detectable in a user's hair for sure, and that too for several months. But, it also depends on the fact that how much a person has smoked or ingested, the question of how often also comes into play. Generally speaking, longer detection times are associated with higher and more frequent doses of cannabis. For the people who are using it daily, marijuana can be detected in the body for several months from the last use. Talking about detection, the longest-reported time for detection is beyond 90 days.

How Did the THC Went That South?

False alarm, the THC, or if we talk more specifically, delta-9 THC that is known for its ability to get you high undoubtedly does not end up in the urine of any individual, so why the urine. There is a reason behind that in the urine screenings, they are not looking for the psychoactive thingy, delta-9 THC molecules, but they are looking for the wastes of it. Yes, the whole meaning of a cannabis urine test is to check what a human body is producing as waste when you are consuming THC. These products are called metabolites. Specifically talking, THC's version will be THCCOOH. This THCCOOH in the scientistic language is called 'carboxy.' During the process of waste removing, your excretory systems work, like to remove metabolites like THCCOOH. For the purpose of removal, THCCOOH meets up with the uronic acid named as glucuronic acid. That acid passes then passes out of a human body via, of course, urine. It is said that 15-20% of the THC a person consumes goes out of the body turned into acidic urinary metabolites.

Ending Note

So, this was all about the mechanics of the urine test of weed. THC or its waste stays in your urine for just three days for occasional users, five to seven days for moderate users, and ten to 15 days for chronic users. For heavy users, it will be detected for up to 30 days. So, next time you go for a cannabis card renewal Fresno, keep this in mind and use it responsibly.
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