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Is Medical Marijuana An Effective Treatment for Nerve Pain?

Pain is an indication of something wrong in the body. When the issue reoccurs, you look for a treatment option with fewer or no side effects. Over the counter and prescription medications cure the pain, but adversely affects the human body. About one-fifth of the people experience chronic pain that is very difficult to treat.

Nerve pain also called neuropathy, makes the person uncomfortable and leads to chronic pain that hampers the day to day activities of the person. Nerve pain is associated with various diseases such as HIV, arthritis, surgeries, tumors, circulation, and accidents. People also experience burning pain or numbness that impacts their life and produces debilitating effects on the body.

Recently, medical marijuana has become an effective treatment owing to its therapeutic benefits. It eases the pain caused by nerve damage, inflammation, and could lead to a disability in the future. The researches have proved the effectiveness of medical marijuana, and now the state-certified doctors have started writing the medical marijuana recommendation after the comprehensive 420 evaluations to combat the pain and improve the quality of life.

Medical Marijuana for Nerve Pain

After the reliable research proved its effectiveness in treating the ailments and conditions, cannabis was considered an effective treatment option. It is touted to be the best painkiller for nerve pain which is on par with the opioid treatment without any side effects.

Nerve pain often leads to sensory or autonomic nerve damage. When this condition is inflicted with other conditions, some standard forms of treatment do not work. According to researchers, medical marijuana works in such cases and binds the receptors to detect pain and inhibit responses.

Medical marijuana contains several types of cannabinoids, very similar to the endocannabinoids produced by the body. Cannabinoids bind the receptors of the pain-sensing nerves and stop the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The anti-inflammatory properties of the nerve pain relieve swelling and relax the muscles associated with pain.

However, when the effect of medical marijuana starts to wear off, the nerve pain starts coming up again. So while buying medical marijuana using the MMJ card from the dispensary, you can ask the budtender about the dosage to avoid the nerve pain. On some people, the lower dosage may work while some may need more quantity to improve the quality of life. But everyone should start small and gradually increase the dosage when they don't get relief from nerve pain. Even the patients who become treatment-resistant get relief from medical marijuana.


If you are looking for an effective treatment to get relief from the nerve pain, you should give medical marijuana a try. Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrids are the best for the pain relief and the effects may vary according to the unique body chemistry. And, it is quite safe as compared to the other treatments. With easing the pain, it improves the mental focus and sleep of the person. Medical marijuana gives motivation to people whose self-worth or confidence has lowered due to the depressive episodes in life.

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