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10 August 2022
Project CBD Newsfeed
Why do our bodies produce DMT, a potent psychedelic compound?Original link...
04 August 2022
CBD School
If you’re somewhat new to CBD then you may have begun seeing the word “sublingual.” While it’s a somewhat fancy word, it just describes a simple process of administrating CBD oil tincture. Sublingual is a common term that describes the best way to co...
03 August 2022
CBD School
If you are one of the roughly 10%, 9.4% to be exact, of the global population that deals with acne you know that teenagers aren’t the only segment of the population that deals with acne.1 While acne is associated with one of the developmental stages ...
29 July 2022
CBD School
Avida was established in 2018 with a simple goal to help people lead an active and healthy lifestyle, ethically and organically. They produce effective, high-quality, and safe CBD products that include a wide assortment of CBD vape juice and CBD vape...
28 July 2022
CBD School
CBD has entered the mainstream within the last half-decade or so. This is attributed not only to a limited amount of research that shows it may provide health benefits for medical conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, and inflammation but ...
28 July 2022
CBD School
So you’re new to the world of CBD and are interested in trying CBD oil but are a bit apprehensive because you may have heard that the taste isn’t great. Well, first there’s nothing to worry about. While CBD comes from the cannabis plant, most associa...