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30 June 2022
CBD School
CBD has been gaining traction in the mainstream for the last couple of years. As more and more people gain knowledge about CBD and all the possible health benefits CBD may provide, the next inevitable question is where do you buy CBD oil? Let’s first...
29 June 2022
Project CBD Newsfeed
The attempt to track the movement of every cannabis plant in California is polluting the environment with plastic waste.Original link...
27 June 2022
CBD School
More people these days seem to be taking their health more seriously and are interested in enhancing their physical health with a cannabinoid that is increasingly becoming more mainstream called CBD. CBD oil has also caught the interest of a lot of r...
26 June 2022
CBD School
The category of CBD flower is beginning to get a foothold within the industry as more and more hemp farms begin to pop up throughout the US. While the CBD category used to be somewhat of an afterthought, where brands would offer a CBD cigarette or CB...
26 June 2022
CBD School
Many people are looking for more effective natural ways to assist with what ails them. This coincides with CBD and other cannabis-related products hitting the market as a mainstream alternative, which is somewhat of a perfect storm. I’m sure CBD, at ...
23 June 2022
CBD School
As CBD begins to become more mainstream, more and more people will begin to inquire what hemp oil is good for. While CBD still remains in a gray area between being able to sell CBD products, and the FDA not fully giving CBD its full blessing, many st...