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Statins Dysregulate the Endocannabinoid System

Statin drugs cause muscle weakness and pain by suppressing cannabinoid receptor genes.

Cannabis and Immunotherapy for Cancer: Are They Compatible?

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Sweet Sensi CBD Review

Today’s review comes by the way of an American company named Sweet Sensi. Sweet Sensi CBD products are something you really should consider learning more about, and even purchasing – should you need to re up on your hemp-based items. As with all other reviews, you can expect an honest opinion about all aspects of this business and the products they have for sale.

Most of you know that cannabidiol (CBD) products are a dime a dozen, and for this reason you simply must do some research about what it is you’re looking at. Today’s research revolves around Sweet Sensi CBD.

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Sweet Sensi

Sweet Sensi is a CBD brand based out of Austin, Texas. They claim to have the best CBD in Austin, Texas, but I’d argue their lineup is better throughout a much broader region.

Greg Autry is the founder of Sweet Sensi. He’s been dealing with growing hemp, and selling CBD in Austin. You can trace his cultivation of the hemp plant back 25 years. Impressive.

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greg autry
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