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Get High in Los Angeles: Tips For Your Marijuana Trip to Los Angeles

November 8th, 2016. This was the date when marijuana was legalized in California state for recreational use. Cannabis or marijuana was already famous in the city of Los Angeles for its medical benefits. People just needed a medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis. Now, you can buy marijuana without this recommendation for recreational purposes. But to buy medical marijuana, you would still need an MMJ card. The good part is, it's not hard to get a recommendation, in fact, you can even get your recommendation online. You can find good 420 doctors Los Angeles online and get your recommendation. You can also buy recreational marijuana at a lower cost if you have a medical marijuana card. So, it's a win-win situation for you to get an MMJ card.

When talking about marijuana, California has come very far from what it was earlier. The fight to legalize marijuana was going on for a long time. And then in November 1996, medical use cannabis was finally legalized in the state. And now, it is legal for recreational use too. This has made visiting Los Angeles even more fun than ever before. And people are not behind on experimenting by mixing cannabis with food. LA took it to another level by making weed-infused cocktails. So, if you are planning on getting high on your trip to LA, here are some tips for you.

Don't Take a 'Normal Taxi' From Airport

If you want to experience everything, start your trip by catching a ride with Weed Bus LA. You will thank me later for telling you about them. You will be welcomed with a gratis vape pen that you can enjoy while your driver is dealing with the LA traffic. Your ride will take you straight to a nearby dispensary where you will get a flat 20% discount on every cannabis product. And if you wish, you can go for a full city tour before getting to your hotel.

Stay Close to Dispensaries

You may rent a car while you are in the city. But if you want to consume cannabis, don't drive. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in the city. So, you might want to just stay somewhere from where the dispensaries are nearby, at a walking distance. Keep it simple and walk up to the dispensaries rather than driving.

LA is divided into two parts, eastside, and westside. Eastside is basically any place east of Downtown. While the westside includes places like Beverly Hills, Venice, and Santa Monica. And it is closer to the beach. Venice is hands down the best place. It has wonderful restaurants, boutiques, and some of the best dispensaries within walking distances. You can find a variety of cannabis products and flowers at these dispensaries.

Don't Forget The Cannabis Cake

You don't have to wait for the party or other occasions to have a piece of cake. Especially when you are in LA where you can get delicious cakes, brownies, cupcakes made of weed. Try red velvet cake or cupcakes from Cheba Bakery, you won't regret trying it. They will also deliver it to your hotel, so you don't even have to go out of your hotel to get your hands on this cake.

Ganja Yoga is a Must Try

Being an LA stoner is not easy, you are pressurized even more to stay fit after all the partying. And yoga is the best way to do that. Doing yoga while smoking weed is even better. Dee Dassault is a yogi. She has written the book on Ganja Yoga, in which she describes the weed enhanced yoga. She also offers yoga sessions at her place in Los Angeles. Up to four can go and attend the session. You will be offered joints, vapes, cannabis chocolates, and more while you are stretching doing breathing exercises, and meditating.

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