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Guide of the Century to Curing Marijuana Bud

​We will talk about the guide later, but first, tell me one thing. Who is the most impatient person in this world? No, the one who must take a tinkle town's tour and is waiting outside the washroom is not the one. Well, s/he can be that too, but the answer we are looking for is a person who has finished harvesting the weed crop. That fragrant, frosty marijuana bud is the fascinating thing in this world. Who would not want to dive right in and be done with the drying and just light it up? But wait, you cannot afford to do it; this will only ruin the taste of cannabis. *Up steps Curing* This is what we need to do now, curing, eradicating moisture from the bud in the meticulous environment for better results.

Making of THC in the Plant

First, you need to understand the difference between THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). There is a process called biosynthesis; when it takes place, the plant of marijuana secretes cannabinoids like THCA. These compounds later become different blends of compounds. The essential transformation in this entire process is one of THCA to THC. The process does not stop when you cut off the flower. It keeps on going days after that too. So, the OG reefers and of course, the experts of growing marijuana, prefer drying the thing slowly so that the biosynthesis could complete its cycle. Keep your cannabis in 45-55% humidity and temperature between 60 to 70 F for yielding maximum potency. Quick-drying can not only potentially burn your marijuana but would also break the process of biosynthesis quicker.

Fixing the Flavor and Smoke

Terpenes, the compounds that give any plant their authentic fragrance, are very volatile. They can evaporate quite quickly, at the temperatures low as 70F. So, curing your plant at lower temperatures can keep the terpenes alive. You know what would happen if you would heat it on higher temperatures. You must have figured out at times that when you smoke your cannabis, there is a severe throat burning sensation, that is the sensation you get from quickly dried weed. The reason behind the sensation is the decomposition of chlorophyll, which produces undesirable sugars and leftover minerals. Sugars and mineral at some point were the aerobic bacteria and enzymes which dies due to heat.

Curing the Buds

Now that you know why you should cure your buds not dry, here is how;

  1. Separate your buds from the branches.
  2. Put them into an airtight glass container.
  3. Keep the container in a cold, dark, and dry place.
  4. For the first week, let your buds breathe for a few minutes per day.
  5. During week two, let your buds breathe once in a couple of days.
  6. Keep them in the container for at least four weeks for most considerable flavor


Curing is a part mostly avoided by the growers which they should not. Drying up can get you quick weed, but curing can get you quality weed. Ask any pharmacist with a 420 med evaluations los Angeles license, s/he would tell you the same too.​

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