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Hemp Bait

Hemp seeds and products derived from hemp have been used as fishing bait for many years. Here are some ways in which hemp can be used as fishing bait:

  1. Hemp Seeds:
    • Whole hemp seeds are commonly used as fishing bait. They are rich in oils and have a natural, nutty scent that attracts fish. Anglers often use hemp seeds for coarse fishing, carp fishing, and as an additive to groundbait.
  2. Hempseed Oil:
    • Hempseed oil, extracted from hemp seeds, is another option for fishing bait. It can be used to coat boilies, pellets, or other baits to add an attractive scent and flavor. The oil disperses in the water, creating a trail that can draw fish to the bait.
  3. Hemp-based Boilies:
    • Boilies are a popular type of fishing bait, and hemp can be incorporated into boilies for added attraction. Hemp-based boilies can be flavored with various additives to suit different fish species.
  4. Groundbait:
    • Hemp seeds are often included in groundbait mixtures. Groundbait is a mixture of various ingredients used to attract fish to a specific area. Hemp adds both visual and olfactory appeal to the mix.
  5. Particle Mixes:
    • Hemp seeds can be part of particle mixes used for pre-baiting or in a spod or bait dropper. A mixture of hemp seeds, maize, and other particles can create a bed of bait to attract and hold fish in the swim.
  6. Feeder Fishing:
    • Hemp seeds are suitable for feeder fishing. They can be added to a cage feeder along with other particles, creating an enticing scent and texture that fish find appealing.
  7. Chumming:
    • Hemp seeds can be used for chumming, where small amounts of bait are regularly introduced into the water to attract fish. Chumming with hemp can be effective for species like carp and bream.
  8. Homemade Mixtures:
    • Anglers often create their own bait mixtures using hemp seeds along with other ingredients like groundbait, pellets, and flavorings. This allows for customization based on the target species and fishing conditions.

It's important to note that fishing regulations and bait restrictions can vary by location and species. Always check and adhere to local fishing regulations to ensure that the use of hemp or any other bait is permitted.

Additionally, while hemp seeds are generally recognized as safe and environmentally friendly, it's crucial to be mindful of the ecological impact of any bait used. Anglers should dispose of unused bait responsibly and avoid introducing non-native species to bodies of water. 

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