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Strain of the Day - Futura 75

Futura 75 is a well-known hemp strain, particularly in Europe, prized for its versatility and high-quality fiber production. Here are some key details about Futura 75:

  • Type: Dioecious hemp variety, meaning it has distinct male and female plants.
  • Growth: It is known for its tall growth, often reaching heights of 3 to 4 meters (10 to 13 feet).
  • Climate Adaptability: This strain is highly adaptable to various climates and soil types, making it a popular choice in different regions across Europe and beyond.
  • Harvest Time: Typically harvested around mid to late August, depending on the growing conditions and location.
  • Fiber Production: Futura 75 is primarily grown for its strong, durable fibers, which are used in textiles, ropes, building materials, and paper products.
  • Seed Production: It can also produce seeds that are used for oil extraction, food products, and planting for future crops.
  • CBD Content: Although not as high as some strains cultivated specifically for CBD, Futura 75 does contain cannabidiol (CBD) and can be used for CBD extraction to some extent.
  • Versatility: Its adaptability to various climates and soil types makes it a versatile choice for farmers.
  • High Yield: Known for producing high yields of fiber and seeds, making it economically viable for industrial use.
  • Sustainability: Hemp, including Futura 75, is a sustainable crop that requires fewer pesticides and water compared to other industrial crops.
Legal Status
  • THC Content: Futura 75 has a very low THC content, typically below the legal limit of 0.3% in the EU and other regions, making it compliant with industrial hemp regulations.

Futura 75's robust growth, high fiber yield, and adaptability make it a valuable strain in the hemp industry, particularly for those looking to produce industrial materials and seeds. 

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