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Video: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Project CBD speaks with Dr. Ethan Russo about Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, an enigmatic medical condition.

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The FDA Defers to Pharma, Nixes CBD as Dietary Supplement

ValidCare seeks volunteers for the final phase of expanded clinical study of CBD’s effect on the liver.

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Autism, Rare Cannabinoids & the Endocannabinoid System

CBD and other plant cannabinoids show promising effects in the treatment of symptoms related to autism spectrum disorder.

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Autism and Endocannabinoid Dysfunction

CBD-rich oil helps children who are on the autism spectrum.

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Migraines, Cluster Headaches & Psychedelics

Scientists are studying psilocybin and LSD to treat migraines and cluster headaches.

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LSD Therapy for Alcoholism

During the 1950s, LSD therapy showed great promise of treating the “spiritual disease” of alcoholism.

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Amazing: Psychedelics & Phantom Limb Pain

Scientists are studying the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, the magic mushroom compound, for severe phantom limb pain.

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Cannabis & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Cannabis is a safe and effective way to manage the complex symptoms of ehlers-danlos syndrome, a painful connective tissue disorder.

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Cannabis Legalization & the Potency Question

Cannabis industry proponents denounce caps on THC levels as a phobic response rooted in the flawed assumptions of prohibition.

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Diet, Exercise, & Endocannabinoid Tone

Our endocannabinoid system functions better when we exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

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Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Call for Standards

Pet doctors have launched the Veterinary Cannabis Society to advocate for legal access and safe product standards for cannabis and its derivatives as veterinary medicine.

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Psychedelic Research Targets Systemic Inflammation

Scientists are targeting psychedelics to develop an anti-inflammatory wonder drug.

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CBD for Liver & Kidney Disease

Not only is there little evidence that cannabidiol plays a role in damaging the liver, CBD may help to improve liver health.

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The Delta-8 THC Controversy

Delta-8 THC products have become the newest way to get high, even though the compound is not actually legal if it’s synthesized from hemp-derived CBD.

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New York State of Euphoria

A historic moment: New York legalizes cannabis for adult use with provision allowing homegrown plants.

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Mexico: High Court Decriminalizes Cannabis

The Mexican Supreme Court has decriminaized cannabis for personal use, but this may have little impact on Mexico’s murderous drug war.

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Marijuana and the Mexican Revolution

The tumultuous Mexican Revolution catalyzed the emergence of marijuana smoking in early twentieth-century America as hundreds of thousands of migrants fled to the U.S. Southwest in search of safety and work.

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Real-World CBD Evidence, CBD and Ketamine, and More . . .

People with moderate or severe symptoms experienced less pain, anxiety, and depression, and greater wellbeing after three months of CBD treatment.

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Commentary: Stop Growing Hemp for CBD!

The CBD market is saturated, but there’s a bright future for hempcrete and other fiber hemp products.

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