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Morocco Gets Legal Cannabis Sector

Morocco, long the world’s largest illicit producer of cannabis, is finally getting a legalized commercial cannabis industry, thanks to a law introduced by the otherwise conservative government. The new law is designed to daylight traditional small cannabis growers in the marginalized Rif Mountains.

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Dr. Mikuriya's Medicine

Trailblazing U.S. physician Tod Mikuriya rediscovered the forgotten medical history of cannabis, and he sought to restore cannabis to its proper place in the Western pharmacopeia.

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CBD and Its Entourage

CBD works best in combination with THC and the full spectrum of other cannabis components.

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Sex: I Want to Want It

Cannabis can help menopausal women rekindle their sexual desire.

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Cannabis & Crony Capitalism: From Matt Gaetz to Trulieve

The origins of Trulieve, a major cannabis company, trace back to a nexus of prominent Florida Republicans tied to disgraced Congressman Matt Gaetz.

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Cannabis for ADHD: An Emerging Therapeutic Option

Many people with ADHD use cannabis for therapeutic relief.

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ADHD: Pediatric Anxiety

For cannabis users with ADHD, the need to self-medicate symptoms of adolescent angst is not youthful hedonism,

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Expanded Clinical Study: CBD Effect on the Liver in Adults

Last summer, Project CBD helped recruit subjects for a large-scale clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of the daily use of cannabidiol. Good news: Contrary to FDA warnings, preliminary results of the ValidCare study show “no clinical evidence of liver disease in any of the participants.”

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