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Cannabinoids for Tinnitus?

Exploring a novel treatment for phantom sounds.

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Mechoulam on the Future of Cannabinoid Research

Raphael Mechoulam, the father of cannabis science, emphasized three key research areas to prioritize.

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Ode to a Vanishing Handcraft

A review of Cannabis Textiles in Hemp Garden Cultures by Git Skoglund.

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Celtic Hemp

Scholars document how cannabis came to Ireland.

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THC and CBD-Rich Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

New studies offer hope for treating fribromylagia with cannabis.

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CBD Market Report

Market report shows that CBD remains a top-selling health supplement.

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PEA: Anti-Inflammatory Superstar

PEA, a lipid neurotransmitter known as the “endogenous CBD,” is a powerhouse against inflammation and pain.

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Outdoor or Indoor Grown Cannabis: What's the Difference?

New study comparing outdoor and indoor grown cannabis finds variations in phytochemical production.

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Curaleaf Controversies

Curaleaf, the world’s largest cannabis company, is mired in scandals involving Russian oligarch money, product safety violations, and unfair labor practices.

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CBD, THC & CBG for Skin Conditions

Cannabinoid compounds show promise in treating skin diseases, both as topical applications and as systemic medication.

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Project CBD Responds to the FDA's 2023 Statement on CBD

The FDA announcement is riddled with disingenuous doublespeak.

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Statins Dysregulate the Endocannabinoid System

Statin drugs cause muscle weakness and pain by suppressing cannabinoid receptor genes.

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Cannabis and Immunotherapy for Cancer: Are They Compatible?

Cannabis and immunotherapy for cancer: a finding that could have major clinical significance.

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Psychedelics, Endocannabinoids & Gut Microbiota

A deep science foray into LSD’s impact on the endocannabinoid system and the microbiome.

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Three New Studies on Cannabis and PTSD

Growing numbers of PTSD sufferers are medicating with cannabis and finding it helpful.

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Lend Us a Hand If You Can

Join the fight against the stigmatization of cannabis, as well as the snake-oil promoters that mislead consumers.

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CBD: It's a Molecule, Not a Miracle

[PODCAST] What is CBD, how does it work, what is its relationship to THC and what’s the evidence for its health benefits?

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Poison Alert! Quality Control is Often Lacking for Cannabis Products

Are your CBD and THC-rich products contaminated by heavy metals, pesticides, and reproductive toxins?

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Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, THCO... A Pandora's Box of Unregulated Cannabinoids

Cannabis industry trade group declares nationwide sale of hemp-derived intoxicants a “public health disaster.”

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CBG! A Compound With Intriguing Medical Potential

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabis compound with intriguing medical potential.

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