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CBG! A Compound With Intriguing Medical Potential

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabis compound with intriguing medical potential.

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Cannabis, Menopause, and the Endocannabinoid System

Women are using CBD and cannabis to treat the difficult symptoms of menopause.

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CBD for Frontline Healthcare Workers

CBD shows promise as an anti-anxiety treatment for frontline health care workers..

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Why Go to a Cannabis Science Conference?

Highlights from the 2022 International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines meeting in Basel, Switzerland.

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Full Spectrum Brain Boost

The neuroprotective properties of CBD and other cannabis components.

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Cacao, a Traditional Plant Medicine for Modern Times

Scientists are investigating the health benefits of the ‘food of the gods.’

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Is Cannabis Performance-Enhancing for Athletes?

The World Anti-Doping Agency continues to ban THC even though it’s not a performance enhancing drug.

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CBD for Pain: What Does the Science Say?

A new book by three distinguished scientists reviews the current status of CBD as a treatment for acute and chronic illness.

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Microdosing Psychedelics

Is microdosing psychedelics a fad? A placebo? A panacea?

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In Praise of Dopamine: An Endocannabinoid Story

Get to Know a Neurotransmitter: Dopamine Inspires.

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Dolphin Study Identifies Hitherto Unknown Endocannabinoid

Newly discovered endogenous fatty acid compound promotes healthy metabolism and mental wellbeing by binding to cannabinoid receptors.

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CBD & the Endocannabinoid System

Scientists study the role of the endocannabinoid system in human health and disease.

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CBD for Problematic Cannabis Use?

CBD is a cannabis compound with anti-addictive potential.

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Spanish Government Gives Green Light to Medical Cannabis

Cannabis-based preparations with different THC:CBD ratios will be made in Spanish pharmacies for individual patients.

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Japanese Cannabis Regulation Reform - Finally?

Nearly 75 years since cannabis was banned in Japan, policy changes in favor of medical marijuana are long overdue.

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Endogenous DMT: A Scientific Mystery

Why do our bodies produce DMT, a potent psychedelic compound?

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The Risky Business of Synthetic Highs

Super-potent research cannabinoids have escaped from the lab.

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Heal the Mind, Heal the World

A Review of Psychedelic Justice: Toward a Diverse and Equitable Psychedelic Culture, edited by Beatriz Labate and Clancy Cavnar.

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Taking It Slow With GABA

Cannabinoid receptor activation regulates the release of GABA, the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, which plays a crucial role in maintaining neuronal health.

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New Research on the Use and Perception of Cannabis

Research update on the shifting dynamics of cannabis consumption and cultural perception.

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